Research priorities

As a primary research network, IALTA is poised to offer more coordinated and consolidated research programmes to its members. Through organizing thematic research groups with common interests in sustainable land administration, the following themes are given priority:

  • land, law and society: models of sustainable land governance bridging conflicting private and public interests;

  • women’s land rights (gender issues);

  • land tenure alternatives: ownership, property rights and institutional change;

  • land policy, economics and land-use planning: public participation mechanisms;

  • land administration: the technology-society interface;

  • capacity building in land governance;

  • land-induced investments (commercial pressure on land) and sustainable livelihoods;

  • sustainable natural resource management: decentralization and non-state actors;

  • sustainable agriculture and rural development: the rural-urban interface, climate change, food security, social inequality and community participation.

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